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IMPREG is one of the most successful CIPP liner manufacturers for trenchless pipe and sewer rehabilitation with UV-curing technology solutions in the world.

We start building without breaking ground!

Our CIPP liner systems are developed using innovative high-tech processes and set new standards. With them, even highly complex tasks can be mastered.

IMPREG Suzhou China - the best choice for trenchless pipe and sewer rehabilitation with UV-CIPP lining in the economic area APAC

Our CIPP Liner Solutions


Fast & Safe Install


Trenchless Technology


Economically Friendly


Energy Efficient


The Standard for Trenchless Pipe and Sewer Rehabilitation

The IMPREG Liner is one of the glass-fibre pipe liners that is used most frequently for trenchless sewer rehabilitation throughout the world. Our IMPREG liner GL16 was developed for all common pipes from DN 150 up to DN 2000.

IMPREG one of the most successful CIPP liner manufacturers in the world

Principles & Benefits

At IMPREG, we have made the quality commitment to lead the CIPP industry into the future with our innovative wastewater pipe rehabilitation solutions.

50+ Year Liner Lifespan ✓
Trenchless Technology ✓
Best Grade Fiberglass & UV Resins ✓
Efficient Materials & Process ✓
Versatile, Any Size, Shape or Location ✓
Fast Delivery Time ✓
Proudly Made in China ✓


High Quality Standards and Quality Control for CIPP Liners with UV-curing by IMPREG IMPREG Suzhou Co. China

High Quality Control

Inspect, monitor, checks and balances, and the documentation of all processes. That are the foundations on which quality is built at IMPREG.

  • Quality management system
    DIN EN ISO 9001
  • Environmental management system
    DIN EN ISO 14001

have been part of the monitoring of all customer-orientated and environmentally-orientated processes for years.


Technical Support and Service for the economic area APAC by IMPREG Suzhou, Jiangsu China

Technical Service

We offer best technical service and support! Whether project planning, training, on-site support or more, IMPREG is dedicated to the service of our client projects in all situations.

For pipe and sewer rehabilitation projects in the Asia Pacific region, our application engineers can provide expert guidance from specification selection through to project completion.




Environment, Social, Governance – ESG

Our company has formed an ESG strategy to ensure we drive the agenda of sustainability in the way we manufacture our products, the way our products are installed, the way we conduct business with our customers and partners, and the way we govern our company. ESG strategy We believe by doing so, we will create a better industry and a better company for all stakeholders and for the society.

Case Studies

See our IMPREG Liners in use on construction sites. In the first case study you can see our world’s first CIPP liner DN 2000. Learn more about our leading solutions for trenchless pipe and sewer rehabilitation with efficient UV-curing technology.


IMPREG Group – global leading CIPP Liner manufacturer – produces and develops hightech UV-technology solutions for trenchless pipe and sewer rehabilitation. For best and quick UV-CIPP solutions worldwide, we produce in and for every economic area.



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Kirk Du IMPREG China APAC Business Development Director


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